Listing Coordination

Your listings should be smooth and seamless. Being able to pick up the listing folder and attend the appointment with everything prepared would be ideal. You get the listing and I’ll handle the rest by following your action plans or the ones that we create together for you. See more information on how I handle Listing Coordination Services, Listing Tasks and Listing Action Plans and request a copy of my detailed Listing Action Plan.

Database Management    

Wise Agent . Top Producer . 360 Agent . Outlook

Having a clean, easy to navigate and up to date database is a must in the real estate business. Is your database missing information, missing dates, not categorized or not sorted by relevance? Do all of your past clients have action plans attached to their contact records? Are they seeing your name at least once a month in the form of a newsletter, postcard, phone call or similar marketing piece?

Lead Generation and Retention

Website and Internet Leads . Referrals . Calls .  Farming . FSBO’s . Expired’s . Database . Social Media

Utilizing the many lead generation avenues available I will generate your warm leads and follow up until they turn hot. I will use my unique and innovative creativity to capture your leads and keep them satisfied until you turn them into clients.


Agent Marketing . Past Client . New Leads . SOI . Drip Campaigns . Listing Marketing . Combining Traditional and Online Real Estate Marketing

Do you remember the last time you kept in touch with your past clients or SOI? Does your farm area know your name just by looking at your logo? Can you type your area search terms into Google and see your listings and your website on the first page? Are your listings posted on the 100+ FREE real estate specific listing websites? Do you have Property Sites for all of your listings? Are you listed on all of the Real Estate Professional websites with your brand?

If you answered NO to any of those questions than you are not maximizing your marketing. Marketing does not have to be expensive. In fact, most listing marketing can be done for FREE or at a very low cost. I can create all of your marketing material and your marketing campaigns or implement the ones that you already have. Ask to see some of the systems that I use and what I can do to spread the word for you.

E-Rainmaker System

I will utilize your E-Rainmaker program to attract website leads and “touch” them until they are ready to buy or sell. E-Rainmaker has developed a system for Virtual Assistants to seamlessly handle my client’s accounts.

Real Estate Websites

Top Producer . X-Sites/A La Mode . Real Pro . Z57 . Agency Logic

If your website seems to look like all the rest I can utilize the advanced technology that these programs provide to make your website unique and branded. Your automated campaigns can be set up so they capture leads and the leads are automatically added to custom drip campaigns designed for their specific needs.

Buyers And Sellers

Custom Seller Reports . Special Showing Routes Mapped out for Buyers . Buyer Information Books . Immediate Showing Feedback . Website Traffic Reports

Your buyers and sellers will be so impressed with your ability to treat them as if they were your only client. If the “little things” have been falling through the cracks then it’s time to figure out how to provide exceptional service and still have time for family, fun, rest or whatever you choose to do with the free time you can have.

I will create your action plans so that something is always being done to market your seller’s home. When you take new buyers to look at homes there will be no question in their mind about your attention to detail and ability to “go above and beyond” for them.

Transaction Management

Maybe you have your listing coordination under control and just need help with all of the time sensitive details for your closings. I’ll follow your closing action plan or create one that works for you to make sure everything related to your closings is scheduled, signed, inspected and on time. For information on how I handle your transactions and a copy of my all inclusive transaction management task list please email me at or call toll free 888-634-3739.

Social Media Marketing

Profiles . Posting . Pinning . Friending . Un-Friending . Following . Tweeting & Updating

Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan in place or if you aren’t sure what your ultimate goal is. Keeping up and being consistent with blog and social media posting is essential if your goal is to gain new clients and referrals from your efforts.  I have a pricing plan for all phases of Social Media Marketing assistance, whether you are just starting, you have your profiles set up, but aren’t sure what to do next or maybe you have been updating and posting on a regular basis and want to now utilize your time better serving your clients rather than sitting in front of the computer.