Firefox Tab Groups, Who Knew….

I came across a cool Firefox feature that I never knew existed and it has helped organize the overwhelming number of Firefox tabs that I keep open all day while I’m working, Firefox Tab Groups.  This is really a cool tool for anyone who works in Firefox throughout the day and needs to keep several tabs open,like myself.  I group all my email/gmail tabs into one group, my social media tabs in another group and the things that I am currently working on in another group.  It certainly helps keep me more focused on what I am doing at the moment and every so often I can click the different groups when I need to check email or social media.

You can also include your Pinned Tabs in a Tab Group, which is pretty cool.  I keep a spreadsheet called Daily Links open in a tab every day that I use to paste links from websites that I want to either read later or save in my bookmarks or favorites.  Rather than saving the best ways to shred classified papers links to my bookmarks or favorites immediately I save them to this spreadsheet so I can go back and read through them and so that I can organize them later.  After many years of simply bookmarking thousands of links I ended up with a useless mess of bookmarks that was unmanageable, saving to this spreadsheet has been a much better way or organizing them.  That’s another subject for another day, back to Pinned Tabs.  To Pin a Firefox tab so that it stays out of your way you simple right click the tab and select Pin Tab, that easy.

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