LogMeIn Pro Excellent Price

logmeinLogMeIn is one of the best remote access applications out there and right now they are offering a one year subscription of the Pro version for a phenominal price of $34.99, that’s $35 off the regular price for a yearly subscription.  This program is essential if you work with a real estate virtual assistant who needs access to your computer to complete tasks for you.

My goal is to alleviate my clients from having to do as much as possible when they begin to work with me.  That includes them having to worry about sending me files, information, contact details, sample letters and flyers, etc.  LogMeIn has allowed me to immediately jump in and get to work with a new client without them having to do anything on their end to get me started.  We set the program up and they decide which files and folders I need access to and I am off and running.

In addition to accessing the files and folders that I need to move forward without waiting for my client  I can also organize and digitize everything on the clients computer, if this is something they need help with.  An organized computer is something we all would love to have, but often we don’t have time to spend getting this done.  How many real estate professionals actually close a transaction and are able to take every file, document, email and picture related to that single transaction, zip it up and archive it away, not many.

There are tons of ways to use this archived information for future marketing, as long as it’s all neatly put away and organized, which, most times, it’s not.  The agent can do the obvious and pull all HUD forms at the end of the year and send them to the clients along with a letter. They can take all the pictures or virtual tours from their listings and drop them on a CD or DVD, put a branded label on it and if they choose, also add the important signed documents from the transaction and send to the new buyers, if they choose this method of marketing.  Most often the new home owner never hears from their agent again once the sale closes, this is a perfect opportunity to sell this home again in the future or pick up referral business.  Okay, getting way off topic here, this is for another day.

If you need or think you will have a need for remote computer access any time soon grab your copy of LogMeInPro  now while the price is this low.

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